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  • For customers out of the area, the following information will be altered as appropriate.

  • At an initial information meeting with the client, various aspects of the portrait will be discussed such as size, setting, pose, and clothing. This meeting also provides an opportunity to have all client questions answered.

  • Portraits are painted from photos which will be taken by the artist during a second meeting. When appropriate, the photo session will be the same day as the information meeting.

  • After reviewing the photos, one will be chosen as the basis for the portrait, and all other portrait decisions will be finalized.

  • For various reasons, the client may need to provide the photo, which will be used at the artist discretion. When possible it is requested that additional reference photos also be provided.

  • The portrait will be created using the chosen photo, notes and other information gathered. When the painting is near completion, if possible the subject should come to the studio for colors and details to be checked. The artist may also request to borrow the clothing.

  • How long it takes to complete a portrait depends on the size and amount of detail of the portrait, and if other paintings are already in progress. It may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to complete. An approximate completion date will be given. However, it should be noted that the quality of the painting will never be sacrificed for the sake of the deadline.

  • Upon completion, assistance will be given in choosing a frame. At Creative Brush Studio there is a wide variety of quality frames from which to choose - from informal woods to 23K gold leaf. It is suggested that the artist assist in choosing the frame since it is an extension of the painting and the crowning touch to the oil portrait.

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