We Have Moved, and we invite you to come visit our new location!

Why we moved.

Quite simply, by moving slightly out of the heart of Old Town, it is now easier to dedicate more of our time to painting, which is our first priority and our passion.

What our new location is like.

Our new location has a more efficient division of space. We each now have our own studio space, and our own area to mentor and share our knowledge with other artists. Our paintings will also continue to be displayed and for sale in our new gallery setting.

Where we are located.

Creative Brush Studio is now at 8951 Center Street, which is 1/4 mile up Center St. from our previous location. There is a strip of businesses on the right, which is the same shopping center as Old Towne Sports Pub. It is located between Zebedee St. and Fairview Ave., and before the Reformed Presbyterian Church on the corner. Once you turn right into the shopping center, we are on the far left.

Our Hours.

- If you stop by, the lights are on, and the door is open, please come in.

- Or, As always, we are happy to make an appointment to meet with you at your convenience.

- Since this is the location of our art studios, we are here a good portion of the time, basically anytime we want to paint.

- You are most likely to find us at our studio Tuesday thru Saturday between 11:00 and 6:00, and often we are here later.

- If we are not in our studios we might be someplace painting on location, possibly at a workshop, or with family.

- Please call if you'd like to know about a specific day or time any given week.