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A sampling from Creative Brush Paints Manassas.

Stop by to see additional paintings in the show.

Center Street Manassas
by Anne Alden

Oil     11 x 14

Porch Beauties
by Candy Breeden

Oil     10 x 8

by Amelia Cheuk

Oil    9 x 12

Hallowed Ground
by Paula Cottrell

Oil     10 x 20

Manassas Battlefield
by Marisol Coy

Oil    8 x 6

Awaiting the Trip
by Mike Flynn

Watercolor    11 x 14

Autumn Breeze
by Michele Frantz

Pastel    9 x 7

In Layers
by Rachel Garcia-Palmer

Oil     16 x 12

Manassas Water Tower
by John Hartt

Oil    24 x 8

Clipity Clop!
by Rebekah Keener

Acrylic    16 x 20

Miss Magnolia
by LaurieE Mang

Oil     8 x 6

Walking in History
by Marilyn Miyamoto

Oil     9 x 12

Old Post Office
by Kerry Molina

Mixed Media Collagep 14 x 11

Evening Sail
by Abigail Muncy

Oil 9 x 12

The Rifle Musket
by Josepha Phillips

Oil 20 x 16

Cherished Ground
by Kristine Pfeiffer

Oil 10 x 12

Hope Restored
by Christine Reilly Raymond

Oil    12 x 9

Winter Whisper
by Mary Reilly

Oil     6 x 6

Saturday Market
by Bethany Richard

Oil     8 x 10

Last Train Home
by Vicky Zhou

Watercolor    16 x 20

For more information contact:

Mary Reilly or Christine Raymond
Creative Brush Studio/Gallery

8951 and 8953 Center Street
Manassas, Virginia 20110