Candy Breeden

Artist Statement

As an artist I am driven to take every opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. Through the years this has led me to take many classes and workshops exploring different forms, techniques and mediums for creating artwork.

Several years ago, I began mentoring with Artist Christine Raymond, a co-owner with Artist and Founder Mary Reilly, of Creative Brush Studio. In the past I have often struggled with finding my place as an artist and it has been during this mentorship that I have not only experienced many new learning opportunities and guidance, but I have also gained my own acceptance of the artist that I am.

Very recently I have joined Creative Brush as an easel artist and now enjoy working among a community of very talented artists. This is a new path I am taking, and I am very excited to see where this adventure leads me on my creative journey.

Miriam's Garden

Bringing Them Home

Ready to Bake