Bethany Richard 

Artist Statement

My earlier years were spent as a Civil Engineer, as an Air Force officer at Langley AFB, and as "mom". My background in the STEM fields, and an upbringing that devalued art's worth, kept my artistic tendencies on the backburner until ten years ago when I began making time for my oil painting education. What a revelation! Every year I learn something new, my painting improves, and I'm still fascinated that putting smears of paint onto a canvas "just so" can create a work of beauty or preserve a memory.

Landscapes are a favorite. I love to capture the grandeur of Natural Bridge near Lexington Virginia, or the Highlands of Scotland.

Scenes of people can recall trips to the tents of a farmers market, or sharing drinks outside a tavern. And then there is portraiture ... capturing a specific person's "self" at a moment in time. A husband, a child, or even one's self, and with each painting I see something new and think of four or five other things I want to paint next.

Today I'm a residential artist at Creative Brush Studio, and have paintings in multiple shows and galleries across Northern Virginia.

Natural Bridge

Farmers Market

Self Portrait

The Call

The Royal Mile

Loch Nocturne

Edinburgh Castle

Highland Coo

Hairy Coo